Eyelid surgery - Recovery and Aftercare

Eyelid surgery - Recovery and Aftercare

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. As we age, it can be disheartening to witness your beautiful eyelids look droopy, wrinkly, or puffy.

We all want our eyes to look forever youthful and attractive. A blepharoplasty is a simple surgery to improve the shape and appearance of the eyes. 

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a surgical procedure that removes excess  skin and fat from around the eyes and removes ageing signs from the upper and lower eyelids. Like all other surgeries, Blepharoplasty has a recovery period that can be shortened with proper aftercare. Before having surgery, you should be fully aware of what to expect.

What to expect during the recovery period post-Blepharoplasty surgery?

 Some bruising may occur following blepharoplasty surgery. The amount is very variable – some patients have no bruising at all. If you have some bruising and swelling, this will disappear rapidly within a few weeks. The eyes will begin to appear more alert and younger, giving a radiant appearance and a whole new sense of confidence.

Often there are no sutures to remove at all. If stitches are used, they are removed after a week, and the first week requires a lot of rest. Any swelling and redness that occurs after the procedure will fade over the first few weeks to months, and any activity that increases blood flow to the eyes should be avoided.

What kind of after-care should be followed after Blepharoplasty surgery?

Protect your eyes well from the sun

After Blepharoplasty surgery, you should protect your eyes from the sun and other elements such as wind.  For added protection, wear a hat. Also, follow your post-surgery sunscreen instructions.

No screen time

For at least a week after eyelid surgery, avoid checking email, reading a book, or watching an entire season of your favourite TV show. These activities are notorious for causing dry eyes, and you should avoid them if you want to speed up your recovery.

Getting rest is essential

Rest is important for both your body and your eyes. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to speed up your recovery because sleep deprivation slows wound healing.

Healing requires a lot of energy, so you’ll probably feel tired. Plan to nap when you are tired. This is not the time to push yourself if you want to recover as quickly as possible.

Shun strenuous activities

Avoid activities that increase blood flow to your eyes for the first 2 to 4 weeks after your eyelid surgery. This means avoiding obvious culprits like jogging, aerobics, sports, and intense exercise. Additionally, avoid activities that may force more blood to enter your eyes, such as bending, lifting heavy objects, and lying flat on your back.

Stay relaxed

Avoiding stress is another way to promote faster recovery and healing of the wound. You can do this during your recovery by taking a break from work (no phone calls or emails) and planning uplifting activities that do not require you to use your eyes. You might want to add to your playlist or stock up on audiobooks — whatever you’ll enjoy listening to while relaxing your eyes and body.

Quit smoking

If you smoke, you should be aware that it has an impact on healing. It slows healing, which means your recovery will take longer. Smoking also increases your chances of getting an infection after surgery. You can avoid these issues if you quit smoking at least six weeks before surgery.

Apart from all the above precautions, try including cold compresses in your aftercare routine. This will reduce swelling. Use eye drops and ointment to prevent dry eyes. Also, keep gauze handy at all times. If your incision oozes while healing, dab it with sterile gauze (do not rub!).

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Dr Demetrius Evriviades has over 20 years of experience as a UK-trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He is a well-known cosmetic surgeon who specialises in cosmetic breast surgery, facelifting, and eyelid surgery in Dubai. 

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Dr Demetrius Evriviades

Dr Demetrius Evriviades is a UK- trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon and comes with more than 20 years of experience. He is a top authority in cosmetic surgery, known for his cosmetic breast surgeries, facelifting, and blepharoplasty procedures.Currently, he serves his patients at the prestigious Mediclinic Parkview Hospital UAE