Areola Reduction in Dubai

What is areola reduction surgery In Dubai?

The areola is the round pigmented area surrounding the nipple with an average diameter of 4.7cm. An areola reduction surgery is a cosmetic treatment to reduce the size of an overly large or unevenly shaped areola to enhance breast aesthetics. It can be performed as a standalone procedure or, depending on the patient’s need, it can be combined with other breast surgeries such as breast lift or breast reduction.

Who is a candidate for areola reduction in Dubai?

You are considered a candidate for areola reduction in Dubai if:

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What is the procedure for areola reduction surgery?

Before the surgery

During your consultation, your surgeon will do a physical test to evaluate your health. He will discuss your options and goals. He will also guide you through the procedure and clear all your doubts.

During the surgery 

The areola reduction surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and generally takes one to two hours. The surgeon makes incisions in the areola region and removes the outer area. Then they bring the surrounding tissue and skin inwards and reshape the areola. Its diameter is reduced using absorbable stitches within the pigmented region. To prevent any future broadening of the areola, the deep tissues are also sutured. 

After the surgery

After the surgery, you will be provided with a surgical bra to shield and hold your breasts in position. You will feel soreness for the next two to three days. The doctor will provide some tips for a speedy recovery, like – 

How does areola reduction surgery help?

The areola reduction surgery in Dubai is helpful when you want:

How much does an areola reduction surgery cost in Dubai?

The cost of areola reduction in Dubai varies for every individual depending on the following factors:

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