lip lift Dubai

Lip Lift Dubai

Lip lift is a popular cosmetic surgery for giving that fuller, plump look to drooping lips, enhancing the smile, and improving facial harmony. Procedures like lip fillers or lip implants give a temporary pout to the lips by adding dermal fillers. A surgical procedure of lip lift Dubai adds volume to lips permanently.

What is a lip Augmentation in Dubai?

A lip Augmentation in Dubai is an in-patient cosmetic procedure that elevates the upper lip by removing skin between the nose and the top lip. During the procedure, the philtrum distance is shortened while everting the vermilion. The result is a fuller and “rolled-out” lip. 

This procedure increases the proportion of visible pink tissue, making the lip look more pronounced. 

Types of lip Augmentation in Dubai

There are various lip lift procedures available to enhance the appearance of the lips:

  • Direct Lip Lift: Removes skin directly above the upper lip to lift and shorten the distance between the lip and nose.
  • Subnasal Bullhorn: Involves an incision along the base of the nose to remove excess skin, resulting in a lifted upper lip.
  • Central Lip Lift: Targets the central portion of the upper lip by removing skin between the nostrils and the lip to enhance lip projection.
  • Corner Lip Lift: Focuses on the outer corners of the mouth, creating a more uplifting appearance by removing skin and elevating the corners.
  • Italian Lip Lift: A combination of the subnasal bullhorn and corner lip lift techniques, providing an overall enhancement to the upper lip.

The lip lift surgery in Dubai can help improve lip shape, projection, and overall balance for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Benefits of lip lift in Dubai

  • Quick and immediately noticeable results
  • Permanent enhancement of lips 
  • Enhanced smile, lip contours, and facial appeal
  • No visible scar is left behind as compared to other lip augmentation methods.

When to get a lip lift?

You can choose to have a lip lift Dubai if —

  • You have thin drooping lips due to age
  • You are looking for a permanent solution 
  • You want to improve face harmony
  • You are not satisfied with the continuous process of fillers

Pre-procedure Care

Since lip lift Dubai is a surgical procedure, candidates need to prepare their bodies for the surgery. Dr Demetrius provides pre-procedure guidelines based on each candidate’s requirements. Some general instructions are:

The procedure

The lip lift surgery is generally performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 45 minutes to complete. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Cleansing – Before starting the procedure, the surgeon cleanses the skin around the lips.
  • Anaesthesia – The surgeon administers local anaesthesia to the lips to prevent discomfort or pain during the procedure.
  • Surgery – The surgeon uses specialised tools to make an incision under the nose in the shape of a bullhorn. Dr Demetrius makes this incision so that it gets hidden under the shadowed crease beneath the nose. He then removes a tiny strip of skin tissue and tightens the muscles lifting the lip. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures leaving a raised upper lip in a new elevated position. 

Post-procedure Care

Recovery and Results

You may experience swelling and soreness around the lips, which fades off within two weeks. Regular activities can be resumed within 24 hours, but sutures are removed after 5 days. You can speed up your recovery by taking prescribed medications, cold compresses, and ice packs.

Realistic expectations regarding results and desired lip appearance

When considering lip augmentation, it is crucial to have realistic expectations regarding the results and desired lip appearance

 It is important to understand that lip lift surgery in Dubai, can enhance the appearance of the lips but cannot completely transform them beyond the natural boundaries of your anatomy. 

Dr Demetrius, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, can help you understand what can be achieved based on your individual lip structure and discuss realistic outcomes.

Results Maintenance of Lip Lift Dubai

Lip lift typically provides long-lasting results. The longevity of lip lift surgery results can vary among individuals.

  • Results can be permanent, with the effects lasting for many years
  • The longevity of the results may depend on factors such as individual healing processes and natural aging.
  • Following post-operative care instructions can help maximize the longevity of the results.
  • Regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon may be recommended to monitor and maintain the results over time.

Why choose Dr Demetrius for your lip lift in Dubai?

Dr Demetrius has a track record of many successful lip lift augmentation in Dubai. In addition, he has assisted patients with customised, informed, and realistic plans for reconstructive and cosmetic procedures since 2008. Contact us for more information about Lip Lift Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The ideal lip ratio varies based on individual characteristics, and there’s no universal perfect ratio. Factors like bone structure, face shape, and tooth length play a role.

Advancements allow lip lifts for younger patients, making it suitable for people as young as 20, regardless of skin color.

Yes, lip lift surgery has gained popularity among patients aged 20 to 40 in Dubai.

Some people may not be suitable candidates, especially if they already show a significant amount of teeth when they smile. However, a cosmetic dentist may provide an alternative solution.

 Typically, around 5mm to 7mm of skin is removed during lip lift surgery in Dubai, prioritising patient safety.

The lip lift procedure aims to minimise scarring by distributing skin evenly and attaching stitches strategically to minimise scarring concerns.