Mommy Makeover in Dubai

What is a mommy makeover in Dubai?

The mommy makeover in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after giving birth. This complex treatment combines various surgical and non-surgical procedures. Each mommy makeover is specially tailored to suit an individual’s needs. 

Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover in Dubai?

You are considered an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover in Dubai if:

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What are the procedures included in a mommy makeover?

Depending on the patient’s need, a mommy makeover consists of the following:

Surgical procedures
 Breast surgeries 
  • Breast augmentation- It is a process of rejuvenating the breasts that are small or droopy due to underdevelopment or after pregnancy and lactation. Breast augmentation involves implants or fat injections to make the breast voluminous and more appealing.
  • Breast lift-  Breast lift is a procedure used to lift and reposition droopy breasts. In the procedure, the orientation of the nipples is also corrected. 
  • Breast reduction– It is recommended when one has significantly large and droopy breasts to reduce the excess tissues, fat, and skin of the breasts.
Tummy tuck/Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck is a surgery that improves the abdominal profile by removing excess fat and strengthening the muscle walls, thereby correcting the loose tummy. Abdominoplasty may or may not involve liposuction for suctioning out the extra fat.

Body contouring  

Body contouring involves tightening the skin and reducing cellulite, followed by weight loss. This results in a toned body with an attractive figure.

Non-surgical procedures

  • Skin resurfacing treatments
  • Coolsculpting fat removal through cryolipolysis
  • VelaShape for cellulite reduction

What are the advantages of a mommy makeover in Dubai?

Mommy makeover Dubai helps mothers of all ages who have suffered various bodily deformities after childbirth achieve –  

How much does a mommy makeover cost in Dubai?

The cost of a mommy makeover Dubai varies for every individual depending on the following factors:

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