Neck lift in Dubai

What is a neck lift in Dubai?

A neck lift in Dubai is a surgical procedure that tightens the neck skin and improves its texture. The neck is worn out due to ageing, physical trauma, lack of exercise, or drastic weight loss, making a person look old. The neck lift technique can give a youthful appearance to the neck by restoring elasticity. A necklift can also be combined with a traditional facelift or blepharoplasty.

What are the treatment options for a neck lift in Dubai?

Depending on the patient’s requirement, a neck lift in Dubai can be performed in several ways:

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What is the procedure for a neck lift ?

Before the surgery 

Before the surgery, your doctor will evaluate your medical history and examine your area of concern. Then, there will be a detailed consultation in which you will be guided through the procedure, and all your doubts will be cleared. Your plastic surgeon will also ask you about your goals and expectations from the surgery. In addition, you will be asked to discontinue the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and other supplements that may cause complications.

During the surgery 

Neck lift is an daycase procedure performed using general anesthesia. First, the surgeon makes an incision- its length and site vary depending on the technique used. Then required alterations are made by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue. Next, the surgeon tightens the muscles and repositions the underlying tissue, and concludes it by closing the incision.

After the surgery

The surgical site will be dressed properly, and drainage tubes may be inserted to remove the excess fluid and blood. It may take a week for the swelling and bruising to settle down, and you will start noticing the results. You will be given tips on how to speed up the recovery process. Some such tips are as follows:

What are the benefits of a neck lift in Dubai?

Listed below are the benefits of a neck lift in Dubai:

How much does a neck lift cost in Dubai?

The cost of a neck lift in Dubai varies for every individual depending on the following factors:

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