Capsular Contracture Surgery
in Dubai


One of the commonest problems following breast implant surgery is capsular contracture:

  1. It affects  up to a third of  patients following a breast augmentation.
  2. Capsular contracture can move the implant, altering  its  shape, feel firm to the touch, or even make it feel painful if you have silicone breast implants.

There are both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for this, and the optimal one for you will depend on the degree of the contracture and your personal preferences.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Although the body does not react to the silicone in a breast implant, it does recognise that it is not your normal tissue, and forms a thin layer of scar tissue around the implant. The tissue capsule, which normally keeps the implant in place, is undetectable, soft, or a bit stiff.

In some cases, this  tissue capsule becomes abnormally dense and rigid. The implant is compressed as the capsule constricts all around it. This disorder, known as capsular contracture, can elevate the breast higher on the chest and cause discomfort  and distortion of the breast’s contour.

This condition can be rectified through a capsular contracture surgery wherein the rigid capsule is removed. The scar tissue is removed  during this surgery to allow for expansion.

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What are the signs and symptoms of capsular contracture?

  • Symptoms of capsular contracture could be increased stiffness or tightness in the breasts, which can develop months or even years after your implant surgery.
  • If capsular contracture is giving you chronic pain, limited range of motion, or changes in the position and contour of the breast, you might want to think about having corrective surgery.

Types of capsular contracture surgery?

Here are the types of surgical options available:

Capsulectomy: This is the usual treatment for a capsular contracture.  During a capsulectomy, our doctor will remove the current implant and the tissue capsule surrounding it. The replacement implant will then be inserted and covered in a layer of dermal matrix material (a skin substitute made mostly of collagen).

Autologous Reconstruction: In an autologous reconstruction, our plastic surgeon will remove your implant and replace it with a flap of tissue from another part of your body, such as your belly or buttocks. This method has the significant benefit of removing the possibility of recurrent capsular contracture because a tissue capsule won’t form around a flap.

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